Patient Testimonials

After a in depth meeting with owner Yolanda, I expressed my thoughts with reguard to her Agency. I find there Aids to be caring and compassionate for the human condition although the right fit is always a must. Tri County and Saff are one of the very best Agencys I have encountered in many years of home Health Care for my family’s needs If your looking for a qualified Agency look to Tri County in Hollywood were you will be heard and treated respectfully

Toni Mattice

Tricounty Home Health Care were miracle workers for me when it came to helping me prepare my mother for a move back to New York. She suffered from Alzheimer’s (advanced) and hypertension and it was clear she could no longer be independent. Tricounty took wonderful care of her and me as well. The staff is amazing – Yolande and Kim were so gracious and kind to me, helping me navigate a difficult period and going the extra mile even when others would not. And I will always remember them for that.

Alexandra Amadiz

Tricounty Homecare of Florida took care of my father after he had a bad fall and injured himself. The staff was incredible with my dad. Took excellent care of him. The office staff was also great, they were very attentive to the family,,s needs and extremely patient with us through that difficult period. I would 100%recommend this agency to anyone on the planet.

Gregory White

I am very satisfied with Tri-Country awesome services. The caregiver offers us great services with an awesome attitude and smile. She takes care of everything related to my mother, from general assistance to meal preparations, dressing and safety supervision. She really went above and beyond to make this as easy and smooth a process as we could have imagined.

Gareth Neill

One of my uncles recommended Tri-County for my mother. I meet the staff members and they provided me free consultation. I got kind nurse for my mother. I am very happy with the excellent care and services. Health improvement of my mother shows that they are providing care as like a family member.

Jimmy Stepanian