Parkinson’s Disease Care

A Parkinsons Disease caregiver in Boca Raton.

From home health aides and more, Tri-County Home Care of Florida is here to assist you or your loved one.

Our South Florida home health agency is here to provide a range of support services, from RNs and LPNs, to home health aides and more, to individuals and families affected by Parkinson’s disease in Palm Beach or Broward counties.

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive brain disorder that can cause tremors, difficulty with balance and coordination, and problems with speech and mobility. As the disease advances, patients may require assistance with daily activities that were once manageable on their own. This can place a significant burden on both the patient and their loved ones.

Our commitment is to offer empathetic and expert assistance to individuals with Parkinson’s, recognizing the difficulties they face. We aim to help maintain their standard of living by providing care that is both compassionate and professional. Our team of experienced caregivers is available to provide support on a flexible schedule, whether it is occasional or 24/7 care, to both the patient and their loved ones.

At Tri-County Home Care of Florida, our team of seasoned professionals can offer a variety of services to alleviate stress for everyone involved. Our range of services includes homemakers and companions, live-in aides, respite care, home health aides, nurses, and personalized patient care. Drawing from our experience, we have identified several preventative measures that can assist individuals with Parkinson’s.

  • To ensure the patient’s safety, it is crucial to take extra precautions in setting up every room in the house appropriately.
  • Independence plays a significant role in improving the mental state of individuals with Parkinson’s disease. While some patients can maintain their independence for years, it is vital to recognize that their ability to function autonomously will decline over time.
  • During the later stages of the disease, a trained professional can provide invaluable support to both the patient and their loved ones. If you require assistance, don’t feel overwhelmed; seek help from your doctor or a skilled home health care provider such as Tri-Care Home Care of Florida.

Our dedicated and skilled team is committed to providing exceptional care to each and every patient with respect and understanding. We offer home care services that are delivered with the utmost care, attention to detail, and competence expected of experienced professionals. Our focus is on providing comfort and ease for every patient and their family members as Parkinson’s disease progresses.

Our mission is to ensure that patients receive the highest levels of care, dignity, and comfort in the familiar setting of their own homes. Our licensed, certified, and bonded staff are knowledgeable and empathetic to the needs of every Parkinson’s patient and their loved ones, whether they require minimal care or 24/7 attention.

Tri-County Home Care of Florida is available to support you and your loved ones at every stage of the care process, starting from the first point of contact. Contact us today at 561-922-9178 (Palm Beach County) or (954) 923-0695 (Broward County) or schedule a consultation by clicking here.